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Why Tap and Try is attracting customers in droves for businesses everywhere.

Tap and Try attracts customers by allowing them simply click a link or scan a QR code to picture themselves with your products or visualize your products in their home. They can then tap to buy, contact or engage. Businesses simply drag and drop product images into tap and try, instantly creating special ‘Tap and Try’ links and QR codes that can be pasted anywhere.. eg social media, websites, emails, SMS, advertising, Television & video, signage and more. No apps or software downloads. Users just tap from computers, phones, tablets to Tap > Try > Buy.

Tap and Try Examples

Below are a series of example Tap and Try links for you to try.Tap and Try links & QR codes attract potential customers by offering the chance to visualize placement, colors, styles and options INSTANTLY, without downloads or app installs. Tap and Try creates links and QR codes for you to paste in websites, social media, emails, text messages, bots, digital advertising, television, videos and more.

List Building Example

Tap and Try is an incredible funnel tool for building your email lists. People love to tap and try, providing an opportunity to add them to your email database prior to ‘trying’.

Click here to view the list building example

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The following is by no means a definitive list, but is simply a number of example uses to help you understand if Tap and Try is suited to your business. Tap the links below to try.

Get started – Get Access to Tap and Try